Sunday, May 29, 2011

So, it's been play League of Legends.

I forgot all about this blog, been really busy. Trying new games, working a lot, and a bunch of different stuff. So, what I want those of you who read this to do is to try out League of Legends, by clicking this here referral link:   I get stuff for it, then when you sign up, you get your friends to click your referral link, and you get stuff. Awesome, right? lol Still in the process of buying our new house, we actually have a contract in place now, but there have been some walls in the whole process. One of the main problems, the previous owner had an IRS lien, so fun fun. Still in this shit hole apartment though, hoosiers, everywhere. Got a new rifle, it's an M4 look a like, dressed it up, haven't even gotten to shoot it yet though, still waiting. Anyway, I'll try and check back here and post some more stuff later. Just wanted to update I suppose, and promote my referral link, hah.

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