Friday, September 3, 2010

So I'm looking for a house.

So my girlfriend and I are pretty much sick of this apartment complex, and the entire populous of hoosiers, rednecks, and the noisy black family on the 3rd floor. Our cars were broken into earlier in the year, so I had to invest 300$ into an alarm for my car. There was literally nothing in my car that night either, thanks newfag car thief. We keep our mountain bikes locked on our balcony/porch and we received a letter telling us that it's littering and it's a violation of the lease terms (which seem to change on a monthly basis), when people piss you off about shit like that; you tend to notice things. Like noticing your neighbors have a stack of Little Caesars pizza trays on their porch, or the fact the neighbors above have 3 bikes on their porch, or the bitch with the gigantic BBQ pit and a tarp balled up. But apparently my mountain bikes are just too much for the intelligent people running the complex. We're so overcharged here, for so little. It's a 1BR place, with a decent sized bedroom, but literally no storage anywhere (for said bikes or anything else for that matter). It was ok at first, but almost 600$ a month for this place is ridiculous. Looking at 2 - 3BR homes for roughly $600 - $725 a month (That's buying them btw, not renting) and all our problems are solved, wish us luck. I hope that entire apartment complex goes under, and the bitch in the office who looks like Ms. Piggy dies choking on her turkey legs. I'm out!


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  2. haha how can mountain bikes be considered litter?! Good luck finding a new place tho!

  3. best of luck. Crazy shit man. Showing you some love

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  4. LMAO @ the picture.

  5. supportin!

  6. haha crazy man


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