Monday, September 26, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta

It's almost time. Tuesday, the 27th, is upon us! The Battlefield 3, early access to the open beta starts tomorrow. Should be interesting to see how many people miss work because of this. I for one, cannot, too broke! I'll get a late start, but it will be fun either way, Rush, Operation Metro is the map again. This was in the Alpha test as well, but who can grow tired of top of the line graphics, combat, and all around feel of this game? This time around, unlike the Alpha, all unlocks will be up for grabs. Allowing players to go more in depth on the customization allowed for each kit/weapon. Unfortunately, no jets are in the beta, or any air vehicles for that matter, but at least we get to use the LAV again, as long as you are playing Attackers. All in all, it's going to be a great week of gaming. See you on the battlefield, soldiers!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So, it's been play League of Legends.

I forgot all about this blog, been really busy. Trying new games, working a lot, and a bunch of different stuff. So, what I want those of you who read this to do is to try out League of Legends, by clicking this here referral link:   I get stuff for it, then when you sign up, you get your friends to click your referral link, and you get stuff. Awesome, right? lol Still in the process of buying our new house, we actually have a contract in place now, but there have been some walls in the whole process. One of the main problems, the previous owner had an IRS lien, so fun fun. Still in this shit hole apartment though, hoosiers, everywhere. Got a new rifle, it's an M4 look a like, dressed it up, haven't even gotten to shoot it yet though, still waiting. Anyway, I'll try and check back here and post some more stuff later. Just wanted to update I suppose, and promote my referral link, hah.

Friday, September 3, 2010

So I'm looking for a house.

So my girlfriend and I are pretty much sick of this apartment complex, and the entire populous of hoosiers, rednecks, and the noisy black family on the 3rd floor. Our cars were broken into earlier in the year, so I had to invest 300$ into an alarm for my car. There was literally nothing in my car that night either, thanks newfag car thief. We keep our mountain bikes locked on our balcony/porch and we received a letter telling us that it's littering and it's a violation of the lease terms (which seem to change on a monthly basis), when people piss you off about shit like that; you tend to notice things. Like noticing your neighbors have a stack of Little Caesars pizza trays on their porch, or the fact the neighbors above have 3 bikes on their porch, or the bitch with the gigantic BBQ pit and a tarp balled up. But apparently my mountain bikes are just too much for the intelligent people running the complex. We're so overcharged here, for so little. It's a 1BR place, with a decent sized bedroom, but literally no storage anywhere (for said bikes or anything else for that matter). It was ok at first, but almost 600$ a month for this place is ridiculous. Looking at 2 - 3BR homes for roughly $600 - $725 a month (That's buying them btw, not renting) and all our problems are solved, wish us luck. I hope that entire apartment complex goes under, and the bitch in the office who looks like Ms. Piggy dies choking on her turkey legs. I'm out!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long Day

Day is almost over, got a lot of shit done here at work. Feel pretty accomplished. Jack n The Box was closed today, totally ruined my lunch for that, but whatever. Guess it's League of Legends time when I get home, just bought Twitch. He's fun, and he's a total troll.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My weekend is pretty much over, back to work on Monday. Feels bad man, guess I'll cram in a night of League of Legends. Anyone else play it? Shits cash.